Purple wallpaper has been one of the most favorite wallpaper of all time. In past times, purple has always been used by the royals or people of high class so that is why it is also known as the color of royalty.  It stands out as a practical and attractive option that can bring any space to a new level of beauty.

For individuals looking for ways to redesign their living spaces, purple offers a flexible and alluring option with its vast range of colors, from gentle lavender to deep plum. In this article, we will further discuss about the allure of purple wallpaper, connection of purple with BTS, main advantages, wallpapers for different rooms, its types and maintenance for long lasting and durable results.

Purple wallpaper

The Allure of Purple Wallpaper:

Purple is frequently linked to creativity, elegance, and royalty. It’s a color that encourages relaxation and peace while also bringing up feelings of mystery and sophistication. You can create a space that is both aesthetically beautiful and emotionally soothing by using purple wallpaper in your house.

The Connection of Purple with BTS:

Purple holds a special place in the hearts of BTS fans, also known as ARMY. BTS is a South Korean band called Bangtan Sonyeondan. After member ‘V’ revealed his love for the color in a touching video, the color began to be associated with the group a she explained that purple represents trust and it is also the seventh color of rainbow so the bond of trust between the BTS and ARMY will last till the end. Purple has since come to represent BTS’s appreciation for its dedicated fans, making purple wallpaper more than simply a fashion statement. It is a dedication to the band and its fandom.

Main Advantages of Purple Wallpaper:

There are many advantages of purple wallpapers as it is one of the most loved color and some of the advantages are as following:

Versatile Design:

This wallpaper offers outstanding design possibilities. Purple has a wide range of possibilities, from delicate lavender colors to rich, luxurious aubergines. Owners can choose the ideal color to go with their current furniture, decor, and overall design themes thanks to the variety available.

Aesthetic Enhancement:

Purple wallpaper’s ability to improve aesthetics is one of its main advantages. Any room’s visual attractiveness can be improved by the royal tones of purple, which give the space a feeling of luxury and magnificence. This wallpaper easily turns into a focal point that captures the attention, whether it is used as an accent wall or to cover a whole room.

Enhances Mood:

Purple is no exception to the notion that colors have a significant emotional influence. For bedrooms and relaxation areas, soft lavender colors can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, brighter colors like deep plum can add a touch of emotion and passion to more lively settings like living rooms or dining rooms.

Illusion of Space:

Purple wall coverings can effectively provide the impression of more space. Darker colors of purple can offer a warm and personal atmosphere, while lighter shades can give the impression that the space is larger and more airy. Owners can alter the apparent size of a space to suit their tastes because of the art of perception.

Expression of Individuality:

Purple wallpaper offers a distinct way to express self-expression. Wallpapers are an expression of personal style. The versatility of purple can fit a wide range of preferences and interior design philosophies, whether you decide on a modern geometric pattern, a classic floral theme, or an abstract design.

Purple wallpaper

 Elevated Elegance:

It’s difficult to match the sense of elegance that this wallpaper generates. The color’s natural richness lends itself to luxurious and fashionable interior designs. This wallpaper can easily fit into any design concept, whether you’re going for a traditional, old style or a modern, stylish atmosphere.

Artistic Expression:

This wallpaper can act as a blank canvas for creative individuals. The texture and depth of wallpaper allow for unique interpretations that can express your personality and aesthetic tastes, from intricate patterns to designs that are watercolor-inspired.

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Different Types of Purple Wallpapers:

These wallpapers are designed in many different shades and prints so that there is variety and every person can choose the wallpaper of their own choice:

Solid Purple Wallpapers:

Wallpapers in solid purple convey trust. They have a strong visual effect and can be used to give excitement to a single wall without taking over the room. Darker tones can create a comfortable atmosphere while lighter shades can enlarge smaller spaces.

Gradient Purple Wallpapers:

Purple colors in gradient wallpaper are perfectly mixed. They provide a modern appearance with a smooth color transition. Depending on the color scheme used, this type of wallpaper gives the space depth and can create a variety of moods.

Floral Patterns in Purple:

The beauty of nature is brought indoors through floral wallpapers. Any area is made more elegant and charming by purple flower motifs. These wallpapers may include intricate vines or large flowers.

Geometric Pattern:

Purple colored geometric wallpapers can give your room a modern organized look. In home offices or study spaces, these patterns help create a sense of order and can be especially helpful.

Abstract Purple Art:

Purple abstract wallpapers provide as a blank canvas for imagination. They are a great option for those with artistic hearts since they can convey feelings and thoughts. These wallpapers can spark conversation and give your room a hint of enchantment.

Vintage Violet Wallpapers:

Vintage violet wallpapers represent the spirit of past times for individuals who enjoy nostalgia. They give off an air of elegance and history, sometimes with sophisticated accents that take you back in time.

Minimalist Purple Wallpapers:

Purple minimalist wallpapers emphasize elegance and simplicity. They offer a clear background that can be used with many types of decor. Those who value a tidy atmosphere will love these wallpapers.

Textured Lavender Backgrounds:

Wallpapers in lavender with texture provide a physical sensation. Their three-dimensional surfaces give your walls depth and richness. The wallpapers’ use of light and shadow enhances the aesthetics as a whole.

Purple wallpaper

Care and Maintenance:

Care and maintenance is very important to keep your wallpaper clean and durable for the longer period of time.

Regular Cleaning:

Over time, dust and dirt can gather on your wallpaper. To avoid the accumulation of particles, lightly dust the surface with a soft, dry cloth or a duster. Avoid using anything abrasive that can harm the texture of the wallpaper.

Avoid Sunlight:

Your purple wallpaper might fade and get discolored if it is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. When the sun is at its peak hour, think about using shades or curtains to keep it off.

Keep Away from Moisture:

Peeling, warping, and mold development are all caused by moisture. Installing this wallpaper in moist environments like bathrooms or kitchens needs caution. Before installing the wallpaper, think about using a moisture-resistant primer and using exhaust blowers to lower moisture levels.

Spot Cleaning:

If there are any spills then make sure to clean it right away. Clean the affected area carefully with a damp cloth and mild detergent. To prevent any harm, test the cleaning agent on a corner area before using it on the stain.\

Purple wallpaper


In conclusion, purple wallpaper is an excellent choice to improve the aesthetics of home design. A combination of its versatility, emotional impact, and capacity to redefine places, it is an effective tool for designing memorable settings that create an impression. This wallpaper can help your concept come to life in the most fashionable and efficient way, whether you’re looking to add power, creativity, or peace.


Does purple wallpaper work well in tiny spaces?

Absolutely! Lighter purple colors can open up tight spaces and give them an airy atmosphere.

Can I put purple wallpaper in a room with a vintage theme?

Theme-appropriate purple wallpaper is indeed available. Embossed designs are a good choice for a vintage look.

How can I keep my furniture from looking out of place next to my purple wallpaper?

To avoid clashing and achieve a unified effect, pair purple with metallic accessories or furniture painted in a neutral tone.